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Limit screen-saver use. A screen saver does not save energy. In fact, more often than not, a screen saver not only will draw power for the monitor, but also will keep the CPU from shutting down. Instead, set your computer to turn off the monitor first, then go into standby mode after a longer period of inactivity.

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Many popular computer games and other third party software packages that run in the background will not allow the computer to go to sleep - even if they are paused or the active window is minimized.

Some web sites or pages that have active banners and or animated advertisements will not allow the computer to sleep on its own and must be closed, or the computer put manually into a sleep state.

Enabled power management to place your monitor, hard drives and computer into a low-power "sleep" mode after a period of inactivity.

Monitor/display sleep: Turn off after 15 minutes or less

Turn off hard drives/hard disk sleep: 15 minutes or less

System standby/sleep: After 30 minutes or less

Advanced users may wish to establish multiple power schemes to address different usage models. For example, you can create a power scheme for playing music CDs that shuts off your hard drive and monitor immediately, but never puts your system into standby mode.

To further reduce power consumption, turn off computing and peripheral devices that are not being used or being used for an extended period of time such as overnight.

Plug all your electronics into one surge protector, so you can easily switch them all off when you leave the room or go to sleep. Most power supplies (such as your cell phone charger) continue to draw power and generate heat even when not attached to a device.
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Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2017
System Requirements:
  • Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 10
    Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Update KB2919355
    Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
  • CPU Type 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • Memory For 32-bit AutoCAD Architecture 2017:
    2 GB (3 GB recommended)

    For 64-bit AutoCAD Architecture 2017:
    4 GB (8 GB recommended)
  • Display Resolution 1360x768 (1600x1050 or higher recommended) with True Color.
    125% Desktop Scaling (120 DPI) or less recommended.
  • Display Card Windows display adapter capable of 1360x768 with True Color capabilities and DirectX® 9 ¹. DirectX 11 compliant card recommended.
  • Disk Space Installation 10.0 GB
  • Pointing Device MS-Mouse compliant
  • Digitizer WINTAB support
  • Media Download via Internet
  • Browser Windows Internet Explorer® 9.0 (or later)
  • .NET Framework .NET Framework Version 4.6
  • ToolClips Media Player Adobe Flash Player v10 or up

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English, 中文, čeština, français, Deutsch, italiano, 한국어, polski, русский, español
Available: 50+
Design with architectural drawing software
Create architectural drawings, documentation, and schedules quickly and easily. AutoCAD® Architecture software has design and documentation features that help automate drafting tasks, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

What's new

Create Type Draw regular shapes quickly and accurately.
Roof grip editing Create and modify roof outlines with more control.
Edit live section Edit objects in section or elevation view.
Styles browser (enhanced) The Content library supports directories and A360.
Sections and elevations (enhanced) Edit Xrefs when editing live sections, and more.


Create Type Draw regular shapes quickly and accurately.
Roof grip editing Create and modify roof outlines with more control.
Architectural renovation Design and produce renovations more quickly.
Preview architectural object styles Confirm wall, door, and window styles before adding.
Walls, doors, and windows Mimic real-world behavior and construction.
Integrated rendering Create full-color 3D renderings.


TrustedDWG™ technology Share and save design data.
Project Navigator Check Out Make changes to a project without affecting the team.
Project Navigator Check In Automatically notify the team of a new version.
Industry Foundation Class (IFC) support Supports buildingSMART certification.
PDF support Share, search, and reuse designs easily.


Edit live section Edit objects in section or elevation view.
Styles browser (enhanced) The Content library supports directories and A360.
Sections and elevations (enhanced) Edit Xrefs when editing live sections, and more.
Color-coded version differentiation Visual Compare shows differences between versions.
Automated property set definitions Define property sets for easier quantity takeoffs.
Wall dimensioning Dimension to your own standards.
Space tagging and documentation Tag every room in your architectural drawing.
Room documentation Apply multiple finishes to a surface.
Architectural drawing creation and annotation Annotate drawings more quickly.


Easier style access Browse libraries of object styles.
Streamlined user interface Get easy access to tools and commands.
Customized scheduling Adjust schedule styles to meet your standards.
Easy changes to block instances Change block instances easily.
Display order by layer Order layers and objects, and preview changes.

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2017

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